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This is a growing database designed to store and share various Palladium based conversions and original stats from all around the web. Some stats here where created by myself or one of my associates. Others have been contributed or collected from other gamers and such. The navigation menu to the left will take you into each section.


One thing I try and do is collect stats from those small and obscure sites that tend to disappear after a while. On more than one occasion, I have tried to retrieve some stats I really liked only to find the site down for the count. I will add such stats to the database whenever possible so that these quality stats are shared with everyone.





Update June 22 2006: Hello everyone. It sure has been a long time since I have updated this site. The main reason was for a lack of a simple way to add content. While the sites layout was ok, it is hard to maintain. I have decided to revisit this area of my domain and think of a better way to improve upon it. It will be a method were not only I can post archived stats I have found or created, but you the player base can contribute directly as well. I would like this database to allow for all of you in the gaming community to compile your works, works you have found and such into one working location. I have moved on to MMOs and have less time for paper and dice games. However, I still hold a special place in my heart for the paper and dice method.


My solution will be the changing of this site over to a forum style. I will use Vbulletin to accomplish this. I will first produce the site and fill it with date over the next couple of weeks or so. Once completed you may return to this site, register and then read, post and provide feedback on stats. How i organize this is still to be determined. I hope everyone will please remain patient while I perform this change and I look forward to seeing you guys contribute. This site is not for me. It is for you.


See you all soon.




Current Running Conversions and Stat Sections:


Coming Soon

  • Major Macross Updates including Macross Zero as well as some fan contributions

  • Major Robotech Update including M.O.S.P.E.A.D.A. conversions as well as a lot of other official and unofficial updates.

  • I am finalizing the stats for the following groups in the Miscellaneous section.

    • Cyberpunk Conversion

    • A Massive Martial Arts Database

    • StarCraft Video Game Conversion

    • Ronin Warrior Conversion

    • Starship Trooper Conversion

    • Marvel Conversion to Palladium

  • Also I expect to add both Star Wars and Star Trek Conversions very soon. Most of these stats are already present in the database, just awaiting final reformatting.

  • Original works and conversions by me will include

    • Additional Conversions for Battlestar Galactica

    • Stats for Stargate SG-1

    • Stats for The Matrix (after the last movie comes out)

    • Sol Apocalypse is an original work that I will add sometime in the near future

    • Virtual Nuspace is an old project that is on hold for now.

    • Stats for Aliens and Predators when I get time

  • I will also be adding Rifts and other Palladium Game stats in the future as well. Right now I am focusing on conversions. Eventually I will begin to add new material for various Palladium games.


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